Introduction to Caregiving basics

This is an introduction to my caregiving basics website.

Part one:

Facing facts (the person needing caregiving) and tips for preparing.

I was a caregiver for 10 years. My mother’s caregiver. It was unexpected and unplanned but it was something I felt I had to do. The main reason she needed a caregiver was because she had dementia. This website focuses more so on dementia, which includes vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia caused by Parkinson’s disease. However, many of the aspects of those diseases also apply to caregiving in general, especially if the person is bedridden.

There were times when I thought I could not handle it but I was surprised I could. Much of it is learning things as the come along.

The two images above show how I closed off the staircase… very important to prevent falls. The first image on the left is a baby gate. That worked for a while until my mom figured out how to remove it! The second photo is an actual gate installed by a handyman. With this one the latched closed. It was more secure than the baby gate, but if shaken, it could unlatch. I later put a padlock on it. Both photos from April, 2007.